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As part of our expansion, Privilège is recruiting. We’re looking for candidates in the areas of shipbuilding, design office, methods, supply chain, support, and more. At Privilège, every skill is crucial and contributes to our development!

The recruitment and onboarding process

A Phone interview with our HR team

An interview with the Manager and Human Resources

The possibility of a second interview depending on the position

A visit to the shipyard may be proposed

Individual feedback will be provided

At Privilège, we value the wellbeing of our employees. To support you in your role and help you adjust to your new work environment, you’ll benefit from a personalised onboarding process that’s tailored to your profession.

Gender Equality Index

With a gender equality index measured at 87/100 for the year 2023, the company emphasizes its commitment to placing women and men on an equal footing. We fully intend to continue our efforts in this regard. The criteria used in calculating the Index are as follows:
Gender pay gap: 39/40
Gap in individual salary increase rates between women and men: 35/35
Percentage of female employees who received a salary increase in the year following their return from maternity leave: indicator not calculable.
Number of employees of the underrepresented gender among the top 10 highest earners: 0/10

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