Know-how and expertises

The experience and skill of the Privilège shipyard teams ensures the absolute robustness and safety of our catamarans; essential qualities that are often cleverly concealed beneath an elegant and stylish outward appearance.


From our earliest days, the Privilège design team have worked in partnership with Marc Lombard Design, collaborating closely together to deliver architectural excellence.

défi architectural Privilège Marine

The synergy of volumes and layouts, the mastery of weights and forces, the management of technical installations, fittings, and the CAD / CAM studies of hulls and decks are at the heart of the design firm’s expertise. Each Privilège catamaran is analysed and modelled using state-of-the-art software to enhance the hydrodynamic performance of the hull (CFD software) as well as its structural behaviour (FEA software), for peak performance in the water. 

  "Le rostre"  
The hallmark of a privilège

A key characteristic of a Privilège catamaran is the presence of a rostrum extending from the inner shell. This architectural feature gives Privilège catamarans their beautiful, streamlined appearance.

le rostre Privilège Marine
le rostre Privilège Marine

But the external appearance is simply an added bonus rather than the main benefit of the rostrum.

• The rostrum primarily provides significant additional volume to the front of the catamaran, which not only limits the risk of bow diving, but ingeniously creates space within the forward cabins – a hugely advantageous benefit to the internal layout.

• This allows the addition of an owner’s suite or a real forward cockpit, an enviable feature of a Privilège.

• By enabling the installation of a fixed forestay which is always ready for a staysail or storm jib, the rostrum also provides an additional solution to the navigation of Privilège catamarans.

• And thanks to the rostrum, the front beam is supported on three points – the two bows and the rostrum – which strengthens the boat’s structure as a result. The rostrum is a Privilège win-win for elegance, function and safety.

that will take you anywhere

The safety and robustness of our vessels has always been the central focus of the shipyard; it’s the basis of our obsession with the highest quality manufacturing. We understand that our clients are passionate sailors with demanding programs and that their Privilège catamaran must allow them to live their navigation experiences without limits.

Savoir faire Privilège Marine

When it comes to the production of hulls and other structural elements of the catamaran, the shipyard is rigorous in the selection of materials, the continuous development of technical expertise and the precise execution of manufacture.

Privilège catamarans are made up of a number of elements – the hull, the inner shell, the flybridge – and each piece is manufactured through infusion moulding. Several moulds can be used for the production of each element. The infusion technique, which involves the vacuum impregnation of a non-decaying closed-cell PVC foam, improves the balance between resin and fibre content and directly contributes to an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

The manufacturing of a piece involves a ten-step process, from mould preparation to the installation of aluminium reinforcements, which allows the attachment of various fittings. The hull takes shape during the assembly of the inner shell and hull moulds planking. Wet lay-up lamination of the inner junction is then carried out. Each structural bulkhead is laid, glued, and laminated in the hulls before demoulding to solidify the entire structure and ensure maximum strength.

Production coque catamaran
système embarqué Privilège Marine

Onboard systems and deck equipment

Mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, plumbing, air conditioning: we ensure that each and every system that goes into our catamaran is worthy of bearing the Privilège name.

Installed with the utmost care by our technicians and kept accessible for maintenance or after-sales service, the onboard systems work together in perfect synergy, allowing real-time automated management for ultimate ease of use.

Our technical team have some of the best contacts in the industry, allowing us to test and validate the very latest state-of-the art products and/or manufacturing processes to continuously improve the operation of Privilège catamarans. Selected for their performance and reliability, our equipment comes from world-class brands that are at the top of their game.

Many of our tried-and-trusted suppliers and subcontractors have been working in partnership with us for more than 20 years to ensure the regular innovation of Privilège products so that you can expect the very best performance.

The passion and experience of our technical team not only allows optimum electrical equipment installation and management; it also means we have the expertise and capability to adapt each catamaran according to the desires and needs of our owners. For instance, there may be various territorial requirements, e.g., those of the US or Australia or differing charter or professional specifications. We are more than happy to tailor each vessel so that it works perfectly for each owner’s needs.

tableau de bord Privilège Marine
système embarqué Privilège Marine
accastillage Privilège Marine

Fittings, rigging, sails

The wide variety of quality products we can offer reflects Privilège’s policy of working in close partnership with the very best nautical equipment suppliers. The Maréchal company – historical supplier of masts for Privilège catamarans – is involved in the development and fine-tuning of each catamaran. Profiles are studied to optimise the weight-to-resistance ratio and meet all the constraints related to fittings. It’s also Maréchal that equips the forward beams and the martingale – essential equipment for the rigidity of the entire hull/nacelle assembly. One Sails Sail Loft, known for its racing pedigree and ability to provide sails adapted to extreme conditions, is another key partner and supplier for the shipyard. With their reputation for the quality of their fabrics, cut profiles, reinforcements at tack and head points and luff tapes, this sailmaker’s expertise will help you stay reassured even in stormy waters.

accastillage Privilège Marine
essais et livraison Privilège Marine
essais et livraison Privilège Marine

Tests and delivery sea trials

Upon taking possession of their new Privilège catamaran, clients of the shipyard can enjoy the benefits of a completely personalised support service. In this way, clients can take advantage of one of the shipyard’s major assets: its location. Situated in the pleasure port of Les Sables d’Olonne, France, this ideal location offers direct launches and mooring on a private pontoon during the entire equipment reliability phase. This setup allows for the most efficient management of final adjustments and technical adjustments until we are completely satisfied that the vessel is ready. The sea trial program also benefits from this infrastructure, optimising the reliability of catamarans before delivery.

Long-term after-sales service

For us, our after-sales service is an essential part of what we do and our commitment to quality in every aspect of our offering. A demanding and rigorous after-sales service is part of that long-term support. More than just a service, it is a mindset that galvanises all Privilège teams, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the total satisfaction of our customers.


Our after-sales service starts with the delivery of the boat, with the final navigation tests, and extends throughout the life of the boat and its crew. The shipyard’s After-Sales Service Manager is the customer-facing contact and manages the communication between the shipyard’s various departments and the client or affiliated individuals, for instance, captains, marinas, subcontractors, suppliers, etc. Once sea trials are completed and the final adjustments made, the After-Sales Service Manager handles the delivery of administrative documents. He’ll also be the one to respond to various client requests during the warranty period and beyond. Throughout the life of their boat, the client will have a trusted contact who can offer advice backed by the considerable expertise of the shipyard’s various services.

service individualisé Privilège Marine
permanence savoir-faire Privilège Marine

Support whenever
wherever you need it

Privilège teams stay in close contact with their clients via the After Sales Follow-Up and handy communication channels such as the WhatsApp support groups. And should there ever be a significant problem, a shipyard technician from Les Sables d’Olonne will always be available to personally travel to the catamaran in need of assistance, regardless of where it is in the world. This comprehensive level of support is one that our customers love because it gives total peace of mind, allowing them to sit back, relax and focus on the important things in life – the pure joy of sailing.

of improvement

We’re extremely proud of the level of service that we can offer our clients. Some businesses may see this as an excessive burden, but we do it with pleasure. Not only are we honoured to uphold the integrity of the Privilège name – a name that we hold dear – but the beauty of our no-detail-too-small service allows different departments, suppliers, and subcontractors to address identified defects and continuously improve the quality and reliability of our production – something that gives us enormous job satisfaction. 

Savoir-faire Privilège Marine