Our team

Working at Privilège means joining a company known for the quality of its production – luxury catamarans designed for long cruises. Working with us means developing expertise and technical skills, but it’s also about being part of a team, a community of enthusiasts, sharing moments of conviviality while collectively working towards the creation of beautiful boats that bring great pleasure and happiness. It’s satisfying work!

Since its creation nearly 40 years ago, Privilège has been, above all, a fantastic human adventure. The determination of men and women passionately committed to a grand project: making the Privilège brand synonymous with luxury and long-distance cruising catamarans. This adventure has been built around encounters and long-term loyalties, with a fantastic team of collaborators – top-notch professionals completely dedicated to realising the dreams of their clients. Clients with whom we build beautiful relationships and sometimes feel like part of the same family.

Our values

Client first

Each client represents a unique story, unique expectations and unique dreams they wish to fulfil. Every client inspires us to surpass ourselves – in our thinking and in our actions. We are committed to offering the best of our expertise and know how to transform our client’s grand project – their dream – into a tangible and enriching reality.

nos valeurs Privilège Marine
sans compromis Privilège Marine


The essence of our catamarans lies in the delicate balance between unparalleled comfort, unrivalled safety and uncompromising robustness. Every curve, every material, every technical innovation is meticulously designed to sail serenely on all oceans and in all weather conditions.

Jessica BRICET


We don’t see our projects as mere tasks to accomplish but as relationships to build, large projects to achieve. We are committed to going beyond our limits to offer the best of our knowledge.



Working on the construction of a luxury catamaran is more than just a job; it’s a form of adventure. Immersing ourselves in the dreams and aspirations of a client is always a pleasure. The individual and collective joy of bringing a long-distance cruising catamaran to life; of creating spaces where our clients will make precious life-long memories brings a unique job satisfaction that’s hard to beat.

Our trades

Designing and building a long-distance cruising catamaran and maintaining a second-to-none after-sales service is a labour of love – and teamwork! It involves many talented people from a range of professional sectors coming and working together in harmony. At Privilège, we tend to organise these professionals into six major categories: 

composite Privilège Marine


Our composite experts create the structure of the catamarans, from hull construction to the installation of structural bulkheads, using processes and materials that ensure strength and safety at sea.

Composite Operators at Privilège combine versatility and technical skills, dealing with a variety of parts to manufacture and diverse activities to perform. Their roles include various operations, from gel coating to the lamination of the first fabrics, draping, and infusion. Infusion is a technique that allows direct resin injection without contact with air and under vacuum.

Through this process, we achieve real strength in our composite parts. All these steps are crucial moments in the creation and final quality of our catamarans.

At Privilège, composite professionals play a vital role in the construction process and robustness of our catamarans. Customer safety comes first – always. Thanks to their technical expertise, as well as their dedication and precision, our composite teams ensure this daily.

Interior carpentry

Our interior carpenters sculpt the interiors of the catamarans, combining refinement with technicality. Since 1985, Privilège has maintained its expertise in carpentry, ensuring the conformity of carpentry elements with extreme precision – from shaping and assembly to installation and finishing before the final boat delivery.

Being a carpenter at Privilège means paying exceptional attention to detail, ensuring that each aspect is designed with the client in mind. It also involves high-level craftsmanship and technical knowledge, working with a number of fine wood species whilst utilising a creative flair to create bespoke interiors that have the wow factor. Carpentry at Privilège is the meeting point between a passion for wood and a passion for the oceans! 

menuiserie Privilège Marine
accastillage Privilège Marine


Our fitters ensure the assembly and fixing of all navigation, manoeuvring, and external equipment on our catamarans. They deliver high-quality work thanks to the precision of their expertise.

Placing blocks, winches, rigid lateral railing, deck hatches or comfort equipment is part of their daily routine. Their versatility and passion for boating make them experts.

Riggers intervene at various steps of the production cycle, working with materials such as metal, plastic or composite materials. It’s their technical skill that enable our customers to take advantage of reliable navigation using the very best equipment.

Engineering office

Our engineering office revolves around eleven areas of expertise: interior design, exterior equipment, fluid systems, electro-technical rigging, composite, engine, nomenclatures, standards and certifications, as well as tools and continuous improvement.

Our technicians seek to find the best methodology to implement and create plans for catamaran design, enabling the most innovative solutions in terms of shipbuilding. They also play a facilitating and technical support role for our operational teams so as to better support them in their roles.

These skilled Engineering office technicians navigate various manufacturing constraints whilst meeting our customers’ customisation requests. Their engineering know-how ensures a combination of reliability, robustness and performance within the beautiful aesthetic of our boats.

Service client Privilège

Customer service

Our customer service team accompany our clients on their journey from configuration right through to boat delivery and beyond. Building a Privilège is not just about constructing a boat; it’s the realisation of a lifelong project for our clients, a project close to their hearts. We strive to build the boat they’ve always dreamt of. 

The challenges of Privilège’s customer service are diverse.  Their role is to analyse the customer needs and develop the most suitable solution through collaborative work with our experts in the engineering office and throughout the supply chain. Where there may be technical, customisation or interior design matters to resolve, their expertise will help progress and finalise client projects.

Over the years the skills of Privilège’s outstanding customer service team have helped bring a dream sketched on paper to life, delivering exquisite catamarans that showcase the best of design and performance with style and comfort and are a true reflection of the customer’s personality. 

Electrical engineering

Energy management is a key issue for the navigation autonomy of our catamarans. To address this, Privilège has a specialist team in place whose electrical engineering skills encompass the creation, management, emission and redistribution of energy, as well as the complete supervision of our catamarans’ systems.

At Privilège, we love the oceans. It’s essential to us that we preserve them and move towards energies that protect our environment. We use systems that rely on solar, wind or hydro energies. We design and integrate high-end and autonomous technology on our catamarans, compatible and used worldwide. Our experts intervene throughout the production cycle of our catamarans to install, ensure reliability, and coordinate the equipment and systems that will best meet our clients’ needs.


There are many talented and committed individuals from a range of different professional sectors working together at Privilège. Here are the thoughts of some of them:

Composite Trade Referee

“The work environment is nice; not everyone has this. We are professionally supervised, the atmosphere is friendly and we all work with a smile.”

Carpentry Trade Referee

“I had never done carpentry; I learned everything here, I knew nothing! What allowed me to get here is that I am very manual, I like learning things and I am curious so it’s a job that attracted me.”

Commercial Coordinator

“Everyone has a chance at Privilège. There are great opportunities for advancement so don’t hesitate to be curious, spend time with people, question them. There are very competent and passionate people here who will teach you a lot.”

Ship liner

“I like that I am autonomous in my job. I have freedom in the organisation and I am trusted. There is good team cohesion and the environment is great!” 

Accounting Manager

“When you arrive at Privilège Marine, it’s like joining a small family; everyone is caring and you shouldn’t hesitate to listen to others.”

Would you like to join us?

We recruit from within a range of different sectors, from shipbuilding and engineering to supply chain, supports and many others… At Privilège, every skill is crucial and contributes to our development. Visit our job page to find out more or send in your application.