Privilege family,
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on all the seas of the world

On all the oceans of the world, you can come across a Privilège, and it’s often an opportunity to engage with a happy crew. A couple, a family, sometimes a skipper who will always be ready to share their sailing experiences on their Privilège. Enchanting anchorages or those to avoid, good onshore addresses, boat adjustments, maintenance questions…

We’ve chosen to share these experiences among all members of this large community we’ve affectionately named the Privilège Family. For the shipyard, this community of sailors is a mine of information that we take into account to improve the design and manufacture of our catamarans. For the crews, this community is reassuring, instilling confidence in novices who benefit from the experience of seasoned sailors. It’s a remarkable source of information, with constantly updated “tips.”. It’s also a way for everyone to stay connected with the shipyard, which is always attentive to the needs of its customers and never hesitates to provide advice to solve various issues. For more serious questions, our in-house customer service is operational 24/7, year-round.

by Ruta & andy

Dear Gilles,
It has been a few months since Ruta and I returned to the United States to attend my god-daughter’s and my son’s weddings. A busy and happy time to say the least.


During our recent travels, we have had time to reflect on SV Emrys and felt we must again express our appreciation to you and your entire Les Sables d’Olonne team. Even with all the problems caused by Covid and supply chain delays, your team welcomed us like friends, supported us, and ultimately delivered a fantastic yacht.

With our compressed schedule, we had to travel approximately 1400 nautical miles in three weeks. At all times, we felt safe, comfortable, and well-supported by your post-departure shore team. We and our crew, all in our 60s, could not have asked for more. We cannot wait to return in early 2023!

Ruta and I would especially like to thank Caroline, Charles, Eric E. and of course, our guardian angel Bernard. Please feel free to forward our beautiful experiences to all your future customers.

Best regards and thank you again.
Ruta and Andy

by Nancy & Marc

Hello Gilles,

Nancy and I ended our trip here in Tahiti after half a world circumnavigation that lasted 3 years. We sold Mana to a couple from the American West Coast, who will navigate and enjoy the boat in Polynesia. The handover was completed today and Friday morning we take the plane back to Brussels with projects for the future and full of magnificent memories of this trip on a magnificent boat.

Mana will now be called “Blue MANA”, it is in a superb condition, and like a good wine it gets better with time. We kept it in perfect conditioning and the boat returned it a thousand times during all the crossings. She is now ready for new adventures.

First, I wanted to thank you for convincing us to buy a Privilège and then for building this beautiful ship. With time she gets better and what a joy each time to get on board. I am aware of the work and the quality of the equipment when I board other ships and compare. I wish you every success with the project, the best in your personal life and with your family. Once again, the quality of your ships is astounding. I am not the only one to say this on the pontoons of Polynesia and elsewhere… 😀 The yard with Jean-Michel, Willy, Javier, and Peter from ECCS have always helped us to find a solution to the toothing problems common to all new boat. I wish you a lot of good things on the yard.

I wish you a successful yard, and lots of orders.
I remember the good times spent together at Les Sables d’Olonne.
just those memories paste a smile across my face…

Thank you again Gilles
Marc & Nancy


by Carlo

Dear Gilles,
After 4 months Privilege Marine delivered my new 640 , I’d like to thank you for the quality of the boat, the very constructive relationship we had during the production of the vessel , the professionalism of your technical team, but , mainly , about the incredible performance of the boat . As you know I had a 62 catamaran in the past but here we are in another dimension, it is another planet.

We are now planning to cross the Atlantic Ocean , we will spend some months in the Carribean then Panama Channel and Pacific Ocean ( from Costa Rica , Baja California to Kiribati, than French Polinesia, Cook Island, Tonga, Fiji and Micronesia, visiting Laos, Vietnam, Borneo etc) and finally I feel comfortable that the 640 will be safe, confortable and fast.

Thank you again Gilles, you have a Superior Shipyard »


Testimonial by Marta & Roger

Highlights of the Privilège Signature 510 Ona sailing heading to Dubrovnik from Spain. Ona will spend the season sailing and exploring the gorgeous and historic ports in the Mediterranean.

ONAdventures have taken a break after being attacked by Orcas. Sailing back in a couple of days thanks to the diligence of @privilegecatamarans in sending us new rudders. Thanks!!!