Privilège will be present
at the miami boat show 2024

Join us at the upcoming Miami International Boat Show to discover the new Privilège Signature 510, meet our entire American team, and engage with Gilles Wagner, the CEO of Privilège, who will have travelled from France for the event.

The Miami Boat Show will be a highlight for Privilège, featuring the unveiling of the new Privilège Signature 510. Gilles Wagner will be present at the booth, delighted to showcase the range and values of the Privilège brand to our numerous clients.

Expressing remarkably our promise of long-distance navigation, the Privilège Signature 510 named Sisu, which will be on display, is designed to circumnavigate the globe. Equipped with a full range of high-end Onesails sails, a hydraulic platform for the tender, and the new ergonomic seat at the elevated and protected helm station. Rob and the teams will take pleasure and pride in presenting it to you.

We’ll be in Miami, at Museum Park Marina, from February 14 to 18.
Contact Rob at +1 613-981-1740 or to schedule an appointment.

Link for more about the Miami International Boat Show

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